Teeth Whitening

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Using Over-the-Counter Whitening Strips

First, if you want to brighten your smile a little and take a little "dinginess" off the pearly whites then some over-the-counter whitening "strips" would be the best and safest way to brighten them somewhat. Be careful to stay with a name brand that is recognizable like "Crest Whitestrips" or "Rembrandt" or another major recognizable name brand. Please be careful with offers over the internet about "Jeff Platt's" formula for whitening your teeth, or "Plumber discovers secret to whiten teeth" (I don't have anything against plumbers so please don't write me and complain, I am grateful for my plumber).

Whitening Trays

Second, whitening trays can be made to fit your teeth and you can use a dental solution purchased from a dental office to place inside your trays to whiten your teeth slowly over a few weeks. It is important to have a dental professional show you the correct way to administer the gel so you don't have problems with your gum tissue or teeth from using the "Plumber's technique" that he discovered.

In-Office Whitening

Third, In-office whitening with a light source or laser. The in-office whitening systems work well to whiten teeth multiple shades and bring your teeth up between 6 to 8 shades when they are darker in color. There are a few different sources of light, Plasma Arc, Laser, Zoom, Bright Smile, Rembrandt, Sapphire etc. that all work well to whiten depending upon the system the dentist has in his office.

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My experience is that all of them work well, the difference is in the technique used and how the dental professional goes about the process preparing the teeth and after the whitening procedure. I have discovered a technique that whitens multiple shades and has very minimal sensitivity, like other techniques. It is a process I have been using for years in my Colorado Springs, CO office with great success and minimal to no pain afterwards, the majority of people have no pain!