Periodontal Therapy

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Combining Scaling and Laser Therapies

When combining Ultrasonic Scaling with Diode Laser therapy there is marked improvement in the decrease of the periodontal disease than with each by themselves. Rogers and Platt Dental have been working on this combination over the past few years to give our Colorado Springs, CO patients the best hope for recovery from the disease.

The Process

The process involves one of our highly trained hygienists using a very powerful gel anesthetic to numb your gum tissue. She then begins the scaling and root planning treatment which thoroughly removes disease causing calculus or tartar where bacteria resides on the root surfaces. During the scaling and root planning process she will make sure that any rough root structure is returned back to its natural state of being polished and smooth to maximize gum tissue growing back to your natural root surfaces. Next the hygienist will take the Diode laser and place the tip of the fiber at the base of the pocket where the periodontal disease is actively deteriorating bone and gum tissue and on a medium to low setting begin lasing the inside of the pocket.

She directs the energy of the laser toward the gum tissue to get the maximum benefit of the laser energy and in a sweeping motion moves the fiber around the tooth to kill the bacteria that is embedded in the gum tissue. By combining the scaling and root planning and the laser we are able to remove the bacteria from both the tooth surface and the gum tissue, thus creating a natural healthy environment for the gums to grow back to the root surface. This has evolved into a predictable, non-painful process to help treat periodontal disease and decrease the need for surgical intervention in our patients. You will return to our Colorado Springs, CO office for a few 15 minute follow-up procedures with the laser in order to maintain a minimal bacteria environment while the gums heal over the next month or two depending upon the severity of the periodontal disease.

After the Procedure

When you return home the healing can be maximized with your help to be the best brusher and flosser that you can become and for you to develop new or continue great habits. We also recommend using a Sonic Care electric toothbrush and a Water Pik, when combining these items and routines you will get the best results of healing from the treatment.

We take every opportunity to help you control your periodontal disease problem non-surgically and then re-evaluate to determine the effectiveness of the treatment. If surgical treatment is required, these treatments will maximize your comfort and your ability to regrow lost periodontal support.