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We Offer a No-Cost Evaluation

If you've had dentures in Colorado Springs for a number of years, you might have noticed that they don't stay in place as well as they used to and might even move around. Dentures like this are hard to eat with and could cause embarrassment in social situations. No one should have to live with loose dentures! The Drs at Rogers and Platt Dental can place implants under the existing denture. The denture will clip or snap onto the implants, keeping them tight and secure. Combining implants will hold them in place, to restore the comfort and security lost so you can speak and eat like you used to. The process is simple, it only takes a few visits! If you have concerns about your dentures and wonder if you might be a candidate for implants, call our office today. We offer a no-cost evaluation to help determine if you are a candidate.


We also offer Snap-on-Smile which is a very affordable, removable smile makeover that fits right over your existing teeth, even if some of your teeth are missing. Snap-on Smile can provide a quick change for a cosmetic blessing to those who can't afford to get their mouth all fixed up and allows patients to do work as they can afford to get their mouth in optimal health, no one else will be able to tell that your teeth are "under construction" and no embarrassing situations. Call the Drs at Rogers and Platt Dental today for a no-cost evaluation!

Don't forget to check out our coupon page for another reason to bring back your smile! We offer specials to help you restore your dentures or get your first set. Call us today to schedule an appointment!