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Helping the Jaw Grow to It's Potential

Helping the jaw to grow to its genetic potential is a form of treatment that our doctors been doing for more than 20 years. The options of treating a small jaw include extracting permanent teeth, jaw surgery to cut off one or both jaws and re-attach them to a more ideal position or encouraging the jaw to grow to its genetic size that it was intended to grow in order to allow all the teeth to fit into the mouth. As a parent, Dr. Jeffery Platt couldn't allow his own children to have a horrible invasive surgery to bring the jaw to normal size so he began looking for ways to make the jaw grow. Dr. Platt has attended mini residencies and courses on jaw growth treatment and has been treating his own children and hundreds of other children and adults in Colorado Springs, CO to get the upper and lower jaw to begin growing. The number and size of the teeth is supposed to be equal to the size of the jaw so they all can grow into the mouth and be straight. When the teeth are crooked, rotated and not able to come into the mouth it is because the jaw is too small and needs to grow. Dr. Platt may use braces, a variety of removable appliances or a variety of cemented appliances to the teeth. Dr. Platt always involves the parents with the appliance choices to get their input about what type of removable or fixed appliance would work for their child and what they are doing on a daily basis.

Adult Jaw Growth Treatment and Benefits

Our doctors have also helped many adults achieve a straight and healthy smile using the same type of jaw growth techniques that a youth would receive. The main difference is that an adolescent has a lot of growth hormone naturally pulsing through their body and as an adult we have a limited amount. With adults, The Drs at Rogers and Platt Dental do things a little differently but can still get an adult jaw to grow to its genetic size potential that is built into our bones of the jaw, face and head. Dr. Jeffery Platt has been doing this type of adult jaw growth for over 10 years and has a variety of appliances and options. This type of jaw growth is achieved by having patients wear a specific appliance starting at 3:30 to 4 o'clock in the afternoon, through the evening and while they sleep. This is the time that natural growth hormone increases in the adult body so we coincide the wear of the appliance with the natural release of hormone and achieve great results.

Orthodontics correct bite problems called malocclusions. Ideally, your top and bottom set of teeth should fit together and line up, forming an accurate bite. Differences in jaw size, poorly aligned jaws, crowded teeth, extra teeth, or missing teeth can cause malocclusion. Significant malocclusions can contribute to mouth breathing and interfere with speaking and eating. They can also affect the appearance of your face. One of the long-term problems being addressed today is the amount of airway space that is missing when you have a narrow jaw. The problem is that when your mouth is narrow you anatomically also have a narrow breathing passage to allow air to flow into your lungs. When we sleep and have a narrow airway space we end up having a medical problem called "Sleep Apnea." So while we are looking at straightening your teeth, we are also looking at your airway space and the genetic size of your upper and lower jaws.

Get a Healthy and Beautiful Smile

Straight teeth are easier to brush and floss. This is important for preventing periodontal disease, commonly known as "gum disease." Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. It occurs when harmful bacteria infect the gums and create gaps around the teeth. Orthodontics may help your natural teeth last a lifetime.

Finally, orthodontics help to create a beautiful healthy looking smile. Your smile is a main feature of your face and one of the first things that other people notice about you. A healthy smile enhances your appearance and may improve your self-confidence, personal relationships, and career. Orthodontics does require a short-term time investment, but the benefits of healthy teeth and gums lasts a lifetime.