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Preventative Care

As your child grows and develops, it's crucial to pay attention to their dental health. Preventative care is the best course of action for keeping your child's teeth healthy. To avoid common issues like tooth decay, educate your family about proper brushing and flossing habits. In addition to healthy habits and a proper diet, schedule regular checkups and cleanings at Rogers and Platt Dental. Our friendly staff goes into great detail, helping to educate and encourage your family to practice proper oral hygiene and brushing and flossing habits. We know many children may fear the dentist and are actively working on breaking that stereotype!

From Our Family to Yours

Even though your family may practice good oral hygiene habits, you still need to schedule regular visits to our office for cleanings, screenings, and checkups. Our hygienists can clean where traditional toothbrushes and floss cannot. Additionally, we go to great lengths to ensure your children are comfortable during their visit. It's important to remind young children that going to the dentist isn't a scary experience, and we're only here to help keep their teeth healthy. Finally, we keep the parents involved and informed throughout their child's development. We'll talk to you about any poor habits we see or developing issues and always seek your permission before moving forward with any in-depth procedures. Contact us today to schedule your family's checkups.