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Our State-Of-The-Art Tech

At our office, you can expect a wide array of tools in our arsenal to effectively take care of your oral health.

Digital X-Rays

These give both your hygienist and you a real-time look at your teeth without the need for developing analog x-rays. We take digital x-rays to get a better look at your teeth to find decay, cavities, and other issues the human eye cannot see. The volume or amount of radiation you and we receive from each x-ray in our office is less than you receive on a normal walk you do every time you go outdoors. Most of our x-rays you receive when you get your teeth cleaned is the equivalent of eating a banana, that's right you receive just as much radiation from eating a banana as an x-ray in our office. You see we and our staff are around those x-rays every day of our lives and we want to make sure that our staff is safe from radiation exposure with all of the x-rays they take every day. And we can assure you that our staff is receiving the smallest doses that are possible in the world today because we care about them. As a result you will receive way less than they receive during your appointment, and they receive they equivalent of a short walk outdoors each day.

Intraoral Camera

With images from this camera, we can get a better look at the interior of your mouth and view possible problems. We also use these to take digital optical impressions of your teeth.

3D Cone-Beam Imaging

A type of x-ray equipment, we use this when regular dental and facial x-rays don't supply sufficient enough data. By producing a three-dimensional image of your teeth, nerves, bone, and soft tissues, we can closely identify problematic areas.

Oral Cancer Detection Technology

During each of your visits, we will take the time to check you for oral cancer. Our newest technology makes the process streamlined and simple.

T-Scan Computer Analysis (TMJ/Bite)

We're now able to take a closer look at your temporomandibular joint and assess if there is any dysfunction.

DNA Appliance

This revolutionary new piece of technology is used to develop dental arches in both children and adults. It's adjustable to grow and strengthen the jaw.


We use this new dental system to treat sleep disorder breathing and sleep apnea by correcting the size of your airway, making it easier to breathe while you sleep.

Air Abrasion

We use this technology to remove decay from a tooth without using a dental drill. Think of it as a micro power washer for your teeth. Some patients prefer this method to traditional drills as it can be less uncomfortable and carries less of a stigma.

Laser Dentistry

We use laser technology to detect and treat periodontitis. This is a serious gum infection that damages your gums and can also destroy your jawbone. It's important to prevent and catch this dangerous infection early.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Recent studies have shown that using a C-Pap device or a mouth guard long term actually makes a patients sleep apnea worse not better! From these studies we are looking at sleep apnea through different glasses to try and resolve or cure this disease. We are taking a different approach and getting the breathing passage to grow to the genetic size it should be and thus creating a better passage way to allow a patient to breath more naturally and better. We have been using an appliance called the DNA and mRNA appliances for over 10 years to accomplish this growth, recently they have been FDA approved for the treatment of sleep apnea and we are now using these appliances regularly and not using the traditional ones that don't have the potential of curing sleep apnea.