White Composite Fillings

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Cutting Edge Techniques

There are many materials that can be used instead of having to use Amalgam that I incorporate into my practice and get great results for my patients. A particular technique that I use is called Biomimetic or tooth mimicking. It is a technique where I rebuild the tooth starting from the inside with materials that resemble each layer of the tooth in strength, flexibility and compressive or chewing abilities. By restoring teeth this way I find that I am able to mimic and replace lost tooth structure due to small fractures and decay in more natural way that is consistent with the original tooth. This technique has taken years to develop and also to learn from other dentists across this nation at seminars, study clubs and university settings. This is the most advanced way that I know of that is available in dentistry to restore a tooth to its proper form and function. I have been developing this technique over the past 15 years and have used dozens of materials and labs to try to create the right fit of material and technique. I can finally say that for now I am at the current edge of rebuilding a tooth as close to nature as is available today, but I am still developing the technique to incorporate new and current literature as it comes available. I can say with certainty that it will change over the next decade and my promise to my patients is that my technique and materials will also evolve to stay current with the best that is available!

No Shots or Drilling

Another advancement that our dentists use is some technology that requires NO SHOTS and NO DRILLING to place fillings! AMAZING but TRUE! When there is original decay or decay around a tooth-colored filling, Drs at Rogers and Platt Dental use an instrument that resembles a dental sandblaster called Air Abrasion. This produces a fine stream of powder and air that when it contacts the weakened surface of the tooth, where the decay is located, it begins removing the softer portion of the tooth. It continues to remove the soft area and follows the path of least resistance thus removing the decay. Because there is no vibration from the drill the process is painless and 90% or more of the time no anesthetic is required. This has revolutionized the way we treat decay and place fillings today. Our dentists at Rogers and Platt Dental in Colorado Springs, CO have been using this technology for a decade now to our patients' applause and appreciation!