Extractions & Wisdom Teeth

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Why Do Wisdom Teeth Require Extractions?

Sometimes, your third molars may grow in straight, becoming another strong set of teeth for you to use. More often than not, they grow in at awkward angles, sideways, becoming impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth create a litany of problems for your teeth and overall oral health. They're prone to gum disease, cysts, and even tumors. Additionally, because they are trying to squeeze their way into your mouth, they can push around your existing teeth and roots. We recommend wisdom teeth extraction at a younger age before the teeth fully develop and grow their roots. About 9/10 people have at least one wisdom tooth that becomes impacted.

Extractions Under Sedation

Are you terrified of having your wisdom teeth removed? Do you suffer from Dentaphobia (fear of the dentist) or have a medical condition that effects your ability to get the dental care you need? Have no fear - we're here to help.

We offer a range of sedation dentistry options to transform a stress-inducing extraction into a comfortable, pleasant experience. With services from oral sedation to general anesthesia, we take pride in catering to every patient. Call now or click here to learn more about our Sedation services.

Safe and Comfortable Extractions in Our Office

If we determine you require wisdom teeth extractions, or any tooth extractions for that matter, our team at Rogers and Platt Dental specializes in safe, comfortable, and effective tooth removal. Since we've been carefully keeping an eye on your teeth development, we know the best course of action for their removal. If you have questions about teeth extractions or tooth removal in Colorado Springs, CO, call our office and schedule a consultation. It's vital to your oral health to stay ahead of developing wisdom teeth before they become an issue.